Fast-A-Thon: Nov. 17, 2016

Are You Hungry For Change?


Our annual Fast-A-Thon, held one week before Thanksgiving, is a bold and effective way to make  a difference in the lives of hungry New Yorkers. Since 2012, individuals, corporate and volunteer teams “hungry for change” have helped raise awareness about chronic hunger while also raising over $180,000..

As profiled in Chelsea News, our community of fundraisers will eat only one meal on Nov. 17th, like many of of our guests do every day. This ensures that hungry and homeless New Yorkers can continue to enjoy nutritious and hot meals at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen.  It’s easy to sign up!

By coming together as a community to fast and raise much needed funds for the soup kitchen, we are also reminded that our guests’ hunger is real, is urgent, and requires our attention and care.