Food for the Soul


Once Karen had seen a piece a few times she could play it — Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven — there was nothing she couldn’t play.

From the very beginning, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen recognized a greater hunger beyond the hunger for food and our goal has always been to provide our guests with more than a hot meal. Today, we serve up the following range of programs to nourish the soul as well as the body.

Writers’ Workshop

Set up by Ian Frazier in 1994, the Writers’ Workshop program is now over 20 years old. During that time hundreds of students have taken the first step to give a voice to their lives and the struggle they face daily. Read More

Yoga, Meditation, Music and More

Offering a much-needed reprieve from the everyday stresses that come with being food insecure or homeless, yoga, meditation and music provide guests with true nourishment for the soul. Read More

Computer Classes & Discussion Groups

Recent additions to our program, both groups empower guests to learn new skills to move their lives forward as well as break out of isolation. Read More

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