Group Volunteering

Volunteering for Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen is a great way to learn about homelessness and hunger in New York City, give back to the community and have an enriching experience as a team. As the largest soup kitchen in New York, we make it easy to organize your group volunteer efforts. We regularly host groups from schools, church and other community groups. If you are a corporation, you can rest assured that you are in good hands as we host regular corporate groups from many organizations including Google, KPMG, Metlife, NYSE, Marriott Hotels and Agera Energy. Whatever your group, we make sure all volunteers will be put to work doing one of the many jobs that it takes to run the soup kitchen so your group members will leave knowing they really made a difference. After volunteering here as a group, many individuals continue to come back on their own because they enjoyed the experience so much. Most groups are between 8-10 people although we can accept larger groups and create a volunteering day that caters to your special needs and requirements. We ask corporate groups to consider a financial donation that will provide support for guests beyond just your volunteering day. For more information, click here. Please contact the Volunteer Department at (212) 924-0167. for more information and to coordinate a date.