“I didn’t expect all of this support. There’s a lovely community at Holy Apostles.” – David

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2013

Voice of a Guest: David

David worked as a truck driver in Miami for several years, before the job market turned south and he found himself out of work. He moved to New York City just a couple of months ago, looking for work opportunities.

Currently homeless and in the shelter system, David says, “I’ve been going through some hardship but there is hope. The job market here is a lot better than it is in Miami.”

David found out about Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen a month ago. “The meals here are very healthy, they’re very well rounded. And the music that’s provided by volunteers, it makes me feel that I’m not homeless.”

Adjusting to the shelter system has been tough for David but he’s keeping a positive attitude. “I didn’t expect all of this support. There’s a lovely community at Holy Apostles. There’s always somewhere to go, someone to talk to, someone to offer you all the support you need. It’s been an experience that I would have never imagined.”

David has used a variety of our services, including blood pressure checks, access to phones, counseling, and haircut vouchers. But most importantly, he appreciates Holy Apostles because of “the humanity that’s shown here, the solidarity… it gives me the sense I’m not alone.”

David is optimistic that a job offer will come through soon but until then he plans to continue to come here for help.

“I’m so grateful for the tolerance Holy Apostles has shown me through this transition. I’m grateful for all the people that care.”