“I love making a difference in our guests’ lives.” – Karla

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2013

Voice of a Volunteer: Karla

Karla found out about Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in 2008. “I read a wonderful article by Ian Frazier about Holy Apostles in the New Yorker, and I immediately wanted to do something to help out,” Karla says.

She came to the soup kitchen to volunteer her time, and was immediately hooked. “Holy Apostles is such an inclusive place. I like that the volunteers and guests come from all walks of life,” Karla shares.  “I had recently retired, and I’m a social worker by training, so I was asked to help out as a counselor.”

Karla has volunteered here once a week since when she first came in 2008. She helps guests to get back on their feet and off the soup kitchen line. “There are so many things we can do to help guests out. We offer lots of wonderful services here,” Karla says. “And the food is great, too!”

Through her extensive experience counseling a variety of populations, Karla has the knowledge and compassion to be a great help to our guests. “I always make sure to be accepting, kind and generous with our guests. Many of the people who come here have had very rough lives,” Karla says.

“I love making a difference in our guests’ lives,” Karla says. “I come back every week because helping out here is an incredibly rewarding experience. Holy Apostles answers such a basic need. People are hungry and we feed them. That’s really a good thing to do.”