“The biggest gift in the world is being able to give.” – George

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2014

Voice of A Volunteer: George

“At first I was surprised by how efficiently Holy Apostles is run and how well they take care of their guests,” George Perkins said, thinking back upon his first time volunteering at the soup kitchen. “Not only do we provide food but we provide a variety of other services.”

If you’ve come to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen to volunteer, you have likely seen George’s smiling face. He started volunteering here in October 2012, and since then, he’s become one of our Volunteer Coordinators and he’s racked up more than 660 hours of volunteering.

George says he initially came here to have some structure in his life but he quickly fell in love with the volunteer experience, and started taking on more responsibilities. “I started off coming here two days a week. Now I come in three or four days a week.”

Having the opportunity to give back at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has been instrumental to George. “I’m grateful to have time to pursue this, to be able to give. The biggest gift in the world is being able to give,” George says. “If you can donate to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, your dollar will go a long way.”