“Lunch here gives me the sustenance I need to keep going in the afternoon.” – Dermot

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2014

Voice of a Guest: Dermot

Dermot started coming to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen during the summer, when he was actually starting a new job at a construction project at nearby Hudson Yards. He told us his story after finishing up a hearty meal and with only a few minutes to spare before he had to report back to work.

Why would someone just starting a lucrative job need the soup kitchen? Fortunately, it is open to anyone – no questions asked – and that means Dermot too, who only found out about the soup kitchen after he started working again.

“I’m part of the long term unemployed. Construction got hit the hardest – I’d say about 80% of us lost our jobs,” he says, “I owe so much in back rent and bills that it will be about six months in this job before I’m caught up.”

Dermot says he did have small jobs during his hard times, but nothing that could keep his bills paid. Today though, things are looking up for Dermot as he scales new heights.

“Lunch here gives me the sustenance I need to keep going in the afternoon. I’m working on the first high rise I’ve worked on since 2008. And there are 30 more in the plans to go up.”

Dermot has also appreciated the haircut vouchers that Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen provides. These savings on lunch and haircuts certainly add up, helping him to get back on track and free of debt.