“I’m getting back on my feet, now.” – Marcos

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2015

Voice of a Guest: Marcos

Marcos stops in at  Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen on his lunch break once or twice a week for a midday meal. While he doesn’t live in the area, he’s often in the neighborhood because of his job, driving for a car dealership.

“I used to go to this church when I was young,” Marcos, who is now fifty years old, remembers fondly. “I grew up on 22nd street, so I knew about this place.”

He’s now especially grateful he can walk and drive again. And he’s grateful he can work again. Last year he was t-boned while driving, and broke his leg.

“I had to have two surgeries. I was in a soft cast but it wasn’t healing right. Then they put me in a hard cast. I couldn’t even walk and I was on disability for 12 months. I’m getting back on my feet, now.”

As Marcos is literally getting back on his feet, he’s able to start climbing out of the expenses of his accident, get back to work and move on, “The meals are good here,” he says, “So I come here to save money on my lunch break because it costs an arm and a leg to eat lunch in this city!”