“I Can’t Say Enough About This Place. It Helps So Much.” – Oscar

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2015

Voice of a Guest: Oscar

Oscar lives in a homeless shelter with his family and relies on the soup kitchen to ensure his two year old daughter can grow up healthy and nourished by our  well-balanced meals . “I come here everyday,” he says while she drinks milk that he has poured into her bottle. “She loves all the food and she eats so much!”

His wife, who suffers from a chronic illness, also struggles with seizures that are especially triggered by the heat of the summer. While she is at her medical appointments, the soup kitchen is not only a place Oscar can find the physical nutrition he and his daughter need, it is refuge from the hot city streets, and a  welcoming community providing a few minutes of relief from his burdens.

“I can’t say enough about this place,” Oscar says. “It helps so much.”