“The food here… nothing’s fried… It’s a blessing from God.” – Chester

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2017


Voice of a Guest: Chester

A recently retired MTA bus driver, Chester says the meals at the soup kitchen have made a big difference in his life, and his family’s, these last few months. A widower since 2010, Chester is a family  man, close to his grown children and grandchildren. Having been the primary breadwinner when his son and daughter were young, he found himself once again providing what he can after tragedy continued to strike his family, over and over, since his wife passed away.

“My daughter … she suffered two strokes and a heart attack, all over a period of a few years in her thirties” he explains. “Even if that means relying on the soup kitchen for the first time in my life.” Stretching his limited retirement income and watching where every penny goes, nutrition is still high on his list of priorities. Wanting to eat only fresh, heart-healthy foods, he says how thankful he is for the meals we serve. “The food here… nothing’s fried… It’s a blessing from God.”