Farm to Tray Stories: Kim Huskey, Food Services Director, Food@Google

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2018

Biography: Kim Huskey, Food Services Director, Americas, Food@Google

Kim has 20 years experience as a hospitality and F&B leader in global corporate food services operations and strategy, restaurant fine dining, and restaurant consulting for development and openings.  

Her focus at Google includes supporting and managing teams in developing and activating food experiences that enable individuals and teams to be their best short and long term, and developing partnerships to explore and tackle the challenges and opportunities in the broader food systems. Kim is a contributing author to Behavioural Economics and Public Health, published by Oxford University Press, How Google Optimized Healthy Office Snacks, published by Harvard Business Review and The Handbook of Marketing Analytics, published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Kim was a speaker at Change Food Fest, “How Can Corporations Support a Plant Forward Diet” in NYC.

Kim has a small home garden in her backyard in Brooklyn, where her husband, Gary, does most of the cooking and she and their two girls, Lily and June, do most of the eating.