Farm to Tray Stories: Chef Dominick Pepe, The Group

Soup Kitchen Stories: 2018

Biography: Dominick Pepe, Corporate Executive Chef: The Group

As Executive Chef of Dominique Bistro and Olio e Piu, Chef Dominick Pepe is in charge of recipe development, inspired by the timeless traditions of Parisian culture and cuisine. He also serves as Corporate Executive Chef for The Group, overseeing culinary direction for the company’s multiple concepts, including Italian trattoria Olio é Piu and French brasserie Boucherie.

Dominick discovered his passion for cooking at an early age, watching his Italian grandmother prepare fresh pasta for hours when he was a boy. Inspired by the dedication and love that she put into cooking meals for the family, he decided to turn cooking into a career. Dominick’s classic, yet unique dishes are inspired by the lessons he learned from his grandmother, along with his extensive professional training.

Dominick got his start in the industry at a small restaurant in Florida while working towards a degree in hospitality at Florida State University. Following graduation, he accepted a position working for Walt Disney World Resorts, working for the next few years in their flagship hotels. He moved to New York City in 2012 and accepted the position of Sous Chef at Olio é Piu. He quickly rose to preside as Executive Chef, and in 2015, he assumed the role of Corporate Chef for The Group. Soon after, he decided to bring to life his vision for the intimate French bistro, by opening Dominique Bistro in West Village.