Good Corporate Citizen: Metro Orthodontics 

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen’s 9th Annual Fast-a-Thon is coming up on Thursday, and today, we want to highlight one of our dedicated fundraising teams: Metro Orthodontics. 

In 2019, the Metro Orthodontics staff visited Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen as a volunteer group. They helped set up the space for meal service, serve meals, and pack bagged lunches for local students. Team leader, Rita Taliwal, told us that they were moved by how selflessly the team gave to the community and the amount of people that were at the Soup Kitchen.  

This year, like so many of our partners and volunteers, the Metro Orthodontics team has not been able to be back at the Soup Kitchen. Looking for another way to support our mission, they signed up for our annual Fast-a-Thon campaign. They’ve already raised over $1000 with several days left in the campaign! 

We asked the team at Metro Orthodontics about why they signed up for Fast-a-Thon this year, and what about our mission stands out to them. They told us that because they work with many children and teenagers in their practice, they are especially connected to our commitment to providing meals for local students and families in the area. They especially appreciate being able to provide nutrition to kids, especially right now while many students are participating in e-learning. Nutritious meals are essential in making sure students can focus and be productive throughout the day 

Rita Taliwal summed up Metro Orthodontics’ commitment to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen perfectly: “The kindest thing you could do for someone is to feed them.”  We are so grateful for our partners at Metro Orthodontics, and all our fundraisers for the 9th Annual Fast-a-Thon!