Food for the Soul


Once Karen had seen a piece a few times she could play it — Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven — there was nothing she couldn’t play.

From the very beginning, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen recognized a greater hunger beyond the hunger for food and our goal has always been to provide our guests with more than a hot meal. Today, we serve a range of programs to nourish the soul as well as the body.


On almost every weekday, our Food for the Soul menu starts off with the talent of volunteer musicians  who take two hours out of their day to play classical or Jazz on our concert grand piano, or their own instruments. Individuals, quartets, choirs, and even Broadway performers create an atmosphere of joy, elegance, and even dignity to our guests’ dining experience.  Music truly does soothe the soul, especially for our guests who are facing a maze of problems and troubles. Having this opportunity to hear music helps brighten their spirits and feeds their soul.


Food for the Soul Groups are generally run by volunteers either during or right after the meal service, and are offered as volunteers are available. Some of our most popular programs endure only because of the dedication from the volunteers who run them and the guests who attend them. Over the years our Food for the Soul menu has offered programming as diverse as  art, choral groups, theater and discussion groups.

If you live in the New York area and would like to volunteer your time and individual expertise to providing Food for the Soul, please contact our Volunteer Manager at (212) 924-0167.

Ongoing and recent programming includes:

Writers’ Workshop

Set up by Ian Frazier in 1994, the Writers’ Workshop program is now over 20 years old. During that time hundreds of students have taken the first step to give a voice to their lives and the struggle they face daily. Read More. 


Meditation class helps our guests to relax and offers a great break from the stress they face every day. “The guests often spend so much time in the busy streets, meditation is a great way for them to relax and find inner fulfillment,” says Renate, who was one of our meditation instructors.

Tuesday at the Movies

A time to gather in the sanctuary immediately following lunch, Tuesday at the Movies  offers a chance to gather as a joyful community, eat fresh popped popcorn and watch a fun movie. For many of our guests, especially those who are homeless, this time also provides extra respite from harsh weather on the streets, or simply time to digest their meal and gather strength for the remainder of their day.

Discussion Group

A perennial and often lively favorite, our discussion group offers guests a time when they can discuss current events and more. This is another great opportunity for our guests to form community, stay inside away from the cold or heat, and talk about topics they enjoy.