Meditation and Music

All these services offered provide our guests with a reprieve from the daily stresses that come with being homeless and hungry. A quick meditation session, an afternoon watching a movie, or just sitting and enjoying some music gives our guests the opportunity to relax and forget about their troubles even if only for a moment. To most these services may seem insignificant, but to our guests this is an opportunity to feel a sense of community and to also stay indoors and away from the brutal elements that they face on the streets.





Meditation with Renate

Meditation class helps our guests to relax and offers a great break from the stress they face every day. “The guests often spend so much time in the busy streets, meditation is a great way for them to relax and find inner fulfillment,” says Renate.



Musical Performances

Oftentimes we will get a group that will come in and perform live for our guests. Our musical performances range from students to Broadway orchestra musicians, and volunteers singing to guests playing the piano. Music truly does soothe the soul, especially for our guests who are facing a maze of problems and troubles. Having this opportunity to hear music helps brighten their spirits and feeds their soul.