Social Services Program

Over the years, we have expanded our programs to respond to the changing needs of our guests. Today, our Social Services Center offers a range of additional supportive services central to achieving our ultimate goal, which is to empower our guests to move on to a more manageable and fulfilling way of life. Our team of dedicated volunteer and staff counselors provide about 200 guest services every day.

Anyone waiting on line for a meal can stop by to see a social services specialist at the Social Services Center. Counselors help guests assess their needs and then link them with one or more of the dozens of social service agencies that may assist them – many of whom will have representatives here at the soup kitchen.

Some common requests include information and assistance with transitional and permanent housing, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, food stamps, legal aid, employment and health care. Small things can be a big help to our guests and we provide ID cards, haircut vouchers, clothing and toiletries, as well as allowing guests access to the phone and the ability to use the soup kitchen as a mailing address. We also offer computer classes, resume assistance, and our Food for the Soul programs.